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Oh...So finished with exams ??? , I hope your exams were good. 

Now its time to do internship. This is my first blog post over this topic, I hope this year my writings/articles on topic of MCA internship, Live Projects shall help lot of students and they will receive help for finalizing their technologies and companies.

We are providing free consulting for technology finalization, project topics, and career path. 

We are arranging seminar on "MCA Internship in pune", Please register yourself for the same over our email id - anigrah.raj@agrobytes.com.

I hope every student understands importance of internship, and other part industry shall welcome them. I have also written good post over LinkedIn on same topic - 


I really love my reader's comments, it helps me to improve. 

My frank message to students - "MCA Internship, Industrial projects, Live Projects, Your first job after MCA or during MCA is a most important step in your personal life as well as professional life, so be curious about everything, about every question you have, ask your seniors. We can also help you. Start your career with good teams and good companies. This is the time/ opportunity to show your skills to world...prove yourself. To prove go through challenges and achieve goals."

I hope you all will be happy after reading this article and this article shall lead you in good direction.

Uday Kadam

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This information is very usefull... thanks for sharing....

5/12/2016 11:46:54 AM
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