We are open to become Partner of Other Businesses for Sales and Support in India - (Announcment by - Uday Kadam - CEO, Agrobytes IT Services Pvt. Ltd)

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In recent annual meeting held at Agrobytes Corporate Headquarter, (New Sangvi, Pune, Maharashtra.), CEO Of Agrobytes IT Services announced willingness to become partner with other businesses for their sales and support for hardware devices. 

Looking at Internet of Things market, as per Mr. Uday, Agrobytes can provide a great customization and software development support. As per Uday Kadam, Internet of Things market emerged much more than expectations, and customers are quite positive to track devices, status of objects.

Agrobytes Team has already good experience with GPS devices, GIS as well as barcode scanning, RFID Integrations, Farm Automation systems etc. - and also has got existing client base for above things, in last few years Team Agrobytes has given great output as far as device, hardware integration is concerned. 

Agrobytes has plans to create separate web services, and APIs to be consumed by devices, which shall help lot of programmers and companies to push data over internet easily.

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