Meaning of Proper Internship

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I was planning to write this post from long time. Though it will not be possible and easy to explain this topic in single post, I shall try my best.

We are involved in internship,live projects,industrial training from last few years, specially MCA internship. We have done really good and candidates from Agrobytes are leading in leading IT companies.

We always tried and gave our best. This has helped us to improve our process and come across best results.

As per me and my team (obviously, after experience and analysis of industry and what we did or doing)- we came across a set of few important things which must be done while doing internship. Few things are as - 

  1. Knowing expertise, skills of interns - specially interest.
  2. Internship should not only be restricted to single technology platform and only development, in fact intern should get chance to work in everything, every process.
  3. Inters should understand client and user very well - we can say requirements.
  4. Trainer should cover multiple database system, computing model analysis.
  5. UI - HTML, Javascript,JQuery, CSS, HTML5, AJAX.
  6. HTTP
  7. Server Technology - ASP.NET, PHP, JSP, Servlets etc.
  8. Frameworks
  9. Services - Web Services
  10. REST
  11. Database (MS Sql Server, MySQL)
  12. And lot more...
Frankly speaking its really easy to learn things if one have go good direction and good project.

I hope this article shall help to students and one who is providing internship.

We at Agrobytes follow good practices related to MCA Internship. For more details please visit - http://MCAProjectsPune.com


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