Agrobytes IT Services has range of following products - we have helped many of our clients with following products.

  1. ERP for small scale manufacturing Industry
  2. NGO Members Management
  3. College ERP(In collaboration with Synthesys solution, copyrights-synthesys)
  4. Library Management System (In collaboration with Synthesys solutions, copyrights - Synthesys)
  5. EasyTasks – Project Management and Time tracking System
  6. EasyCRM – Client management system
  7. CA Assist – Tool to manage process in CA office
  8. HR Consultancy Management System
  9. Organization Intranet – Infotainment Tool
  10. Office 365 file Uploader
  11. NHB Farmer Subsidy Report Creator
  12. NHB Bank Inspection report creator
  13. Farm Assist – ERP for farmer
  14. Green House Management System
  15. Farmer Technical Expert Manager - Tablet access, Online, Offline Survey and server connectivity
  16. Fertilizers Application System
  17. Crop Management System
  18. Nursery Management System
  19. Online VSS – Source Code management
  20. Easy ETL – Data Migration tool with rule engine
  21. Organizational Competency Management and HRM Tool
  22. Payroll (India)
  23. Operation Based Weight Routing Service for services routing
  24. Election Campaign management System
  25. AnyJob Processor