Software Development

In Digital world - every business should use set of softwares for managing business - strong management information system always helps to know important analytical parameters of businesses and help in decision making. At Agrobytes we are ready to take challenge of complex software system development and management. 

We have good experience in following areas related to software development - 

  1. Understanding business of client (this is critical factor in software development)
  2. Prototyping of software
  3. Design & Development
Following things helped Team Agrobytes to become a good software development vendor - 

  1.  Client’s Profit and business gain is prime motive with growth of our   business. We help our clients to make more profit.
  2.  Strong analytical Skill
  3.  Strong communication
  4.  Strong, easy to understand documentation
  5.  Quick Actions
  6.  Quick Planning, Design and Implementation with feedback
  7.  Out of the box approach of thinking and development
  8.  Wide Consultant network 
  9.  Good HR team
  10.  Good Training skills 
  11.  Micro Level Competency growth programs
  12.  Passionate development team
Knowledge of multiple Domains and Business processes has helped us to deliver best softwares/software products for our clients. Following are few domains / business processes we work for - 
  1. Agriculture
  2. Crop Management
  3. Social Network Development
  4. Education
  5. NGO and Social Activities
  6. E-Governance
  7. Manufacturing
  8. Supply Chain
  9. Data Management
  10. Library Management / Digitization Of Library
  11. Biometric
  12. SOA / SAAS / Multi Tenant
  13. Human Resource Management
  14. Work Force Management
  15. Earned Value Management
  16. Productivity and Project Management
  17. Research and Statistics
  18. Competency Management
  19. ERP for Greenhouse construction company
  20. ERP for Kurshi Kendra – Agri clinics
  21. ERP for Irrigation services company